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Her kan alle forhandlere sælge deres produkter.
Det gælder både træpiller, stokerfyr osv.
Ligeledes er forhandlere og producenter velkommen til at informere os om nye produkter osv.
Her kan alle forhandlere skrive nyheder, sælge produkter osv.
Når emnet ikke længere er gældende, bedes I skrive det i emnet som en tilføjelse.
For andre brugere end forhandleren er det kun tilladt at spørge ind til produktet og/eller firmaet.
Alt andet vil blive betragte som spam og slettes uden varsel.
Stoker I
Stoker I
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Indlæg af Egidijus » 05 okt 2010 17:38


Russian import of wood pellets 8 mm. We are looking for customers interested in wholesale.
To the prepackaged, Big Bag 'bags 750-1000kg.
Cost per ton 170euru

phone number:+4525721103

Stoker XVIII
Stoker XVIII
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Re: træpiller

Indlæg af MichaelK » 05 okt 2010 23:52

Hello Egidijus

Maybe we'll need some additional info on this issue.
I.e. what's included in the price?
Import Tax?
Minimum quantity that we can buy?
Delivery time?

And what about the quality of the pellets?
Maybe an www-link to technical tests, or
to the manufacture?

170 € equals some 1300,- dkr.. For woodpellets
in bigbags, this is no great "special-price-for-You" offer.
Especially not if transport and tax has to be added later.
But then again, it depends on the total costs.

Please feel free to answer my questions listed above.
Positive and informative answers to these question, will
most certainly make it easier for You to gain any
orders from the users of this site.

Yours Sincerely....

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Stoker I
Stoker I
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Re: træpiller

Indlæg af Egidijus » 08 okt 2010 21:55

Hello mitchaelk. with all included taxes its 110eur bigbeg per tonne plus transport costs. it depends on delivery adress. we can deliver by road transport or cargo. the minimum quantity is 22 tonnes. The certificate and example can be sent to customer. Orders are fulfilled 1/2 week after the contract is started. The payments are taken when the shipment is delivered to customer adress.
Yours Sincerely Egidijus
phone nr:+4525721103

Stoker I
Stoker I
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Tilmeldt: 04 okt 2010 22:51


Indlæg af Egidijus » 02 apr 2012 22:42

Lithuanian company "Flokas" produces and sells firewood from ash, birch, hornbeam, alder etc. as fresh, as dryied in containers 1,8m3. The prices depends on quantities and agreement. We are looking for trade partners in Denmark and are ready to meet with You in suitable for You place and time to talk about possible collaboration.

Looking to hear from You.

Dainius / Saulius

"Flokas" Ltd.

gmail. saulius.se@gmail.com
Tel.Lithauen +37065629905
Denmark +4542607080