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MGM plugin for PellMon

Spørgsmål vedr. MGM samt det tilbehør der laves til MGM pillefyret
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MGM plugin for PellMon

Indlæg af motoz » 15 apr 2019 20:17

Thanks to user Woot here we now have more or less a fully working PellMon plugin for MGM (TCNET II). I don't know much about these so I can't say how compatible it is with the whole range of MGM burners (tested with MGM Junior). This plugin is made by looking at the javascript code in the build in web interface, so the 'interface' can presumably change between versions. To make that somewhat less of a problem we have made as much as possible configurable in the configuration file, so if there are differences between versions it might be possible to handle them simply by changing the configuration file.

The MGM plugin is not released yet, and stuff will probably still change, but since PellMon is fully free and open source anyone interested can of course have a look and try it out.

The source code can be found in this branch. There is no release package yet, but it can be manually installed by following the readme.
https://github.com/motoz/PellMon/tree/f ... mgm_plugin

Yes, and what does this do then... PellMon is free software for monitoring and controlling pellet burners. You get logging with graphs, email notifications, custom alarms, automation with custom scripts and remote burner on/off plus a lot more. There is no 'cloud' connection, you run it on your own server. Preferably on something dirt cheap like a raspberry pi. But then you can arrange an internet connection with port forwarding and a dynamic dns provider and then you have a safe internet connection to your burner. And the web interface works great on a mobile screen too.

Let me know if anyone is interesting in trying it out, or even helping out with testing. I might also add that I'm doing this only for fun (and since Woot asked very nicely...). And MGM looks like a great burner, it just needs a better internet connection... icon_cheesygrin.gif
PellMon open source pellet logger at https://github.com/motoz/PellMon